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Dynamic yoga in Franciacorta

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After talking about the benefits of yoga in pregnancy and postpartum, let’s see today what is dynamic yoga – known as Vinyasa – and how it is good for our body.

What does dynamic yoga mean?

Vinyasa is a type of yoga that always has posture at its center, the cornerstone of this discipline. However, compared to traditional yoga, the passages from one position to another take place actively and smoothly following a fundamental flow for our body: breathing.

Inspiration and exhalation therefore become real conscious reference points for the practice of the activity, “metronomes” that mark the time to pass from one posture to the next. The result is a fluid movement, a sort of dynamic “meditation”.

The benefits of Vinyasa

We highlight some benefits of dynamic yoga:

  • More captivating discipline for those who do not appreciate the immobility of traditional yoga;
  • Warms the body by promoting sweating and the elimination of toxins;
  • Bring your heart rate into the optimal aerobic zone to burn calories;
  • Increases strength and endurance;
  • Infinite number of combinations, to be adapted according to the level of the practitioners.

As a dynamic discipline that requires mental elasticity and movement, we recommend Vinyasa to those who already have experience in yoga and are in good physical shape.

Dynamic yoga in Franciacorta

Beauty Spa Elis of Cappuccini Resort (Cologne, Brescia) is the yoga and pilates center, a reference point for the area of ​​Monte Orfano and the lower Franciacorta. Qualified teachers and professional staff are ready to welcome you to make you discover all the advantages of these ancient practices, whose origins date back to the period before Christ.

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