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Night of San Lorenzo. Where to see shooting stars in Franciacorta


The 10th of August, the feast of San Lorenzo, is approaching, with its night of shooting stars highly anticipated by couples of lovers.

And from those who have a desire held in their hearts. Give yourself a romantic moment together with the person you love: discover where to see shooting stars in Franciacorta.

See the shooting stars in Franciacorta: Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella (Cellatica)

Located on the Selva hill at about 400 meters above sea level, the Sanctuary of Madonna della Stella offers a beautiful panoramic view of the Franciacorta to the city of Brescia. Divided between the Municipalities of Cellatica, Gussago and Concesio, the Sanctuary can be easily reached on foot from Gussago (via San Rocco) and from Cellatica (via Camplani – via Stella). This last option is very simple and within everyone’s reach, while the path from Gussago presents large stones on the way.

Once you arrive near the Sanctuary you can relax in the churchyard and wait for the first light trail to be able to express your wish!

Botanical Garden (Ome)

The address of the park says it all: via San Lorenzo 21. The botanical garden of Ome is an oasis of peace that surprises with its beauty and order. Located in the Valle del Fus, the park is home to conifers from all over the world and can only be accessed on foot after a short walk alongside the stream (parking available near the Church of San Lorenzo or along Via Valle). Very impressive, even at night, the waterfalls and the artificial pond with fish.

Even at the bottom of the small valley, the botanical garden of Ome offers several observation points to admire the falling stars.

Convent of the Santissima Annunciata (Rovato)

Among the most visited treasures of Rovato, the Convento della SS Annunciata rises in Via Monte Orfano 9. From here you can enjoy one of the most enchanting views of Franciacorta, to intercept falling stars … and ask them to realize all your dreams!

Oratory of Monterotondo (Passirano)

We conclude our guide with a real gem unknown to most. We are talking about the splendid view of the vineyards and the starry sky that can be admired from the Monterotondo Oratory, in the Municipality of Passirano (via Luigi Cadorna 42), and from the adjacent park, the latter also accessible at night. An incredible raised terrace that offers a unique view, in the tranquility of the most intimate Franciacorta.

And where do you spend the Night of San Lorenzo?