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The Franciacorta railway comes to life with the “Sulla Soglia” event.


The year of Bergamo Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023 represents a tantalizing opportunity for both provinces to showcase themselves in all their facets, traditions, historical peculiarities, and the identifying characteristics of their population.

An example of this is the event “Sulla Soglia” innovative revitalization project of the Bergamo-Brescia railway line that also encompasses some municipalities in Franciacorta such as Rovato and Coccaglio, as well as the neighboring Palazzolo sull’Oglio.

The initiative is open to the entire community. Let’s see what it entails in practice.

Sulla Soglia 2023: The BG BS railway comes to life with dances and performances

10 urban performances, 12 days of workshops for all, 8 municipalities, 2 dance companies, 12 professional performers. These are just a few of the statistics of the event, which considers collective participation of all those interested in joining an event that promises to be unique and stimulating as its strong point.
The core of the project is indeed the active involvement of communities through open dance workshops for the community, held in Bergamo, Brescia, and in the areas along the Bergamo-Brescia railway: Rovato, Coccaglio, Palazzolo Sull’Oglio, Grumello del Monte, Seriate, Montello. These areas, often considered “border” regions, are being revitalized by “Sulla Soglia” highlighting their resources and unveiling hidden treasures.


The initiative will also involve the recording of 40 interviews with those who regularly pass through or work at these stations, with the aim of creating an exclusive collection of testimonies, episodes, stories, and customs that shed light on the specific context of the two territories and highlight their respective characteristics, which are often unknown to those looking from afar. This step will culminate in the release of a project narrative video and a photographic collection.

Dates and Participation Details

Introduced by the urban dance workshops in Brescia (March 18/19) and Bergamo (April 1/2) and the initial events in Seriate and Rovato, “Sulla Soglia” continues with scheduled appointments at the railway stations as follows:

  • Friday, July 7th in Montello
  • Thursday, August 3rd in Coccaglio
  • Friday, September 22nd in Grumello del Monte
  • Saturday, September 30th in Palazzolo sull’Oglio

The exact timings are to be determined.
Participation is open to all interested individuals and provides the opportunity to contribute with a performative dance experience to the enhancement of one’s own area of belonging. No artistic skills are required.

For information and registration: [email protected]

For all the details, visit the dedicated page for the “Sulla Soglia” event on the official website of Bergamo Brescia Capital of Italian Culture 2023. From the same page, you can delve into the program for each scheduled date.

Collaborations and Sponsoring Entities

The project involves the participation of dance companies ABC – Allegra Brigata Cinematica and Lelastiko and is realized in collaboration with ECATE, a Milanese association that promotes and develops cultural projects.
With the support of Fondazione Cariplo, Fondazione delle Comunità Bergamasca e Bresciana

With the patronage and contribution of the municipalities of Seriate, Grumello del Monte, Montello, Coccaglio, Rovato, Palazzolo sull’Oglio.

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