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The Chef presents: pink-cooked veal, ancient tuna sauce, sweet and sour vegetables.

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“Cooking is itself a science. It is up to the chef to turn it into art,” said Master Gualtiero Marchesi. A motto that has always guided the daily activities of the Cappuccini Resort brigade, with the humble aim not only of embracing the great cornerstones of the founder of the new Italian cuisine but also of offering guests a unique and distinctive experience in the Franciacorta region.

An example of this is the pink-cooked veal, ancient tuna sauce, and sweet and sour vegetables, a dish with a summer flavor that, with its refined and light tastes and its blend of delicate aromas, is the perfect idea for a revitalizing lunch or dinner based on fresh seasonal ingredients.

Cooked to perfection: The irresistible flavor of pink-cooked veal

A delicate cooking method for a cut of meat that has always been widely used in our homes, and we have now brought it to the forefront to highlight its grace and properties. We’re talking about pink cooking, a technique that requires meticulous timing and reaching a precise temperature of the meat. It is then allowed to rest adequately to ensure it reaches the desired texture, and the juices distribute evenly.

The result is a veal with a pleasant pink color that is appealing to the eyes and even more so to the palate, further enhanced in the recipe by pairing it with our ancient tuna sauce and a selection of sweet and sour vegetables such as cauliflower, carrots, red onion, and aromatic herbs cultivated in our own garden. This is one of the flagship elements that makes the creations of the Cucina San Francesco even more special.



The dish can be accompanied by a glass of wine recommended by sommelier Marco Pelizzari, a devoted enthusiast of Franciacorta DOCG and Champagne – he also holds the title of Krug Ambassador! – who will skillfully complement the culinary offering with exceptionally high-quality pairings.

Do you want to discover the complete offering? Check out the seasonal menu of Cappuccini Resort.

Sweet and Sour Vegetables, the Perfect Pairing for Your Summer Evenings

Characterized by a flavor that’s a balance between sour and sweet, and perfect as a side for meat dishes, sweet and sour vegetables are beloved in every season and even more so in the summer, where their natural freshness adds an exceptional lively and refreshing note to the preparations.

From this conception arises the idea of pairing the ingredients present in the recipe, among the most appreciated by diners during this warm period of the year.

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