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Slow Tourism in Franciacorta: La Via delle Sorelle – the BS BG route.


Franciacorta is increasingly becoming a haven for slow and sustainable tourism.

After various themed initiatives that have enjoyed growing success in recent years, such as the Cammino Festival, the designation of Bergamo and Brescia as the Italian Capitals of Culture 2023 marks a moment of consecration for all enthusiasts of slow tourism and nature excursions for self-discovery.

Indeed, La via delle Sorelle has been inaugurated, a 130-kilometer multi-stage route that traverses over 30 municipalities, passing through extraordinary historical, artistic, and scenic points of interest. It connects Brescia to Bergamo, the two cities united in this significant year.

Let’s explore together the useful information to embark on a journey along The Path of the Sisters and what we will take away from such a marvelous and yet intimate trip.

La Via delle Sorelle: a journey amidst nature, art, landscape heritage, and human connection.

A journey immersed in greenery that aims to bring forth undiscovered facets of the two provinces, typically known for their strong work and industrial vocations.

La Via delle Sorelle has a noble objective: to showcase a different, surprising side of the Brescia and Bergamo territories, where the well-established phenomenon of urbanization has never overshadowed an excellent landscape heritage that has often remained relatively unknown.

These 130 kilometers provide a precious opportunity to rediscover an authentic connection with nature while walking, not only in well-known locations such as Brescia’s Parco delle Colline and Riserva Naturale delle Torbiere del Sebino, or Bergamo’s Parco dei Colli and Valle di Astino, but also in a deeper sense through the many paths that traverse forests and waterways, ascend and descend hills, and cross roads lined with a long enogastronomic tradition of Wine Routes.

To complement all of this, we find permanent art installations created by artists in a sustainable manner, using natural resources and local materials. These artworks are placed in strategic areas of historical, cultural, or scenic interest and can only be reached on foot. Anyone can contribute to the project by submitting a specific application through the official website.

The Brescia Bergamo route: technical data and main points of interest.

La Via delle Sorelle: is an itinerary open to all types of travelers: solo, couples, groups. The route passes through:

  • The two provincial capitals, Brescia and Bergamo, and 34 municipalities
  • 2 UNESCO sites: the Venetian walls of the upper town of Bergamo and the monastic complex of San Salvatore-Santa Giulia in Brescia
  • 2 regional parks: Parco dei Colli di Bergamo and Parco regionale Oglio Nord
  • 6 Local Parks of Supramunicipal Interest: Parco delle Colline di Brescia; Naturalserio, Plis del Monte Bastia e del Roccolo, Plis delle Valli d’Argon, Plis del Malmera, dei Montecchi e del Colle degli Angeli, and Plis dei Castelli del Monte Tomenone
  • 1 regional reserve (Torbiere del Sebino) and several other areas of natural interest
  • 3 DOC-DOCG wine regions: Franciacorta, Val Calepio, and Terre del Vescovado
  • 2 Wine Routes: Franciacorta Wine Route and Valcalepio Wine Route and the Flavors of Bergamasca.

Furthermore, it intersects with other famous routes such as the Ancient Via Valeriana, the 3V Trail, the Cammino di Santa Giulia, the Green Path of the Oglio River, the Via Mercatorum, the Cammino del Vescovado, the Cammino di Carlo Magno, and the Alta Via Delle Grazie.

Other useful information:

  • Total length: 130 km
  • Elevation gain: 3800 m
  • Are accommodation facilities available? Yes
  • Is the route accessible to people with disabilities? As it mostly consists of trails with some challenging elevation changes, it cannot be fully navigated by wheelchair users. For visually impaired individuals, it is recommended to contact the association.

It should be noted that this is a two-way route, allowing freedom to choose the starting city. Six stages of approximately 20-25 km each have been identified, but participants are free to organize their journey according to their own needs and preferences in terms of time and manner.

For all the information and things to know before embarking on the journey, please consult the official website of La Via delle Sorelle.