Ristorante per battesimi, cresime, lauree in Franciacorta - Cappuccini Resort

Baptisms, Confirmations, graduations: make your ceremony unique


A very important moment that marks the beginning of Christian life, according to roots still well rooted in our territories. It is the rite of Holy Baptism, the second great moment of family reunion after birth.

Every year dozens of families choose the Cucina San Francesco di Cappuccini Resort kitchen to celebrate this event and spend a nice day together. Strengths the excellent food proposed by the Chef together with his brigade and a location with surprising charm immersed in Franciacorta, with large spaces ideal for large groups and for the enjoyment of all the children of the family.

Baptism is only the first of a long series of stages that you can celebrate here in the resort: discover them all!

First Communion, Confirmations, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations. The perfect restaurant in the heart of Franciacorta

How nice is it to get together to celebrate the important stages of your life? From First Communion to Confirmation, from the wedding anniversary to the birthday until graduation, Cappuccini Resort makes its spaces available by studying the best solution based on the number of people and the needs of the guests.

Among the most popular rooms there is the former Church of the Friars, today a highly sought after dining room with a unique charm, with direct access to the garden from which to enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of Franciacorta.

And to conclude with beauty here is the Conventina, the room of conviviality par excellence. Built within the mighty walls of the convent and equipped with a large window, the Conventina is the ideal place to go wild with music or simply relax with a drink.

Bachelorette and stag parties

Gourmet dinner with overnight stay in a 4-star hotel, relaxation at the Elis Beauty SPA, fitness in the vineyards together with a qualified personal wine trainer. These are some ideas for hen and stag parties recommended by the Cappuccini staff, in this corner of Franciacorta to be experienced and within walking distance of the most important night clubs.

Rosalba and her team are available for any additional information: contact us without obligation.