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Looking for ideas for a successful corporate dinner? Do you want to impress collaborators and customers with a location that combines charm and high quality culinary offer? So prepare to warm up the engines and land in Franciacorta!

Franciacorta, magical hills and strategic position

Gentle hills, magical rows, the blue of the sky that meets landscapes imbued with green. A breathtaking view on the Franciacorta area, famous for the production of the famous Franciacorta DOCG wine and increasingly appreciated for ceremonies, business dinners and gala events. Dozens of old villasrenowned restaurants and charming cellars enrich the territory making hospitality and cooking a double point of strength. The result? When there is an important occasion to celebrate, Franciacorta stands up giving safe satisfactions.

Another advantage of Franciacorta is its convenient position. A few kilometers from Lake Iseo, source of many attractions (remember Monte Isola, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve), Franciacorta is located on the strategic axis Brescia – Milan, between the most important business cities of Northern Italy.

To reach Franciacorta you have 3 possibilities: the A4 motorway (Rovato exit), the A35 motorway (exit Rovato Sud or Chiari) or the train (stops Rovato – Chiari).

Corporate dinner in Franciacorta between quality and ingredients of the territory

One of the advantages of catering in Franciacorta is the use of strictly local ingredients. Vegetables, fruit, jams are at the center of a widespread tendency that reflects the concept of “zero km“, from the producer to the table. Here then is the importance of proprietary vegetable gardens, jams made with fruit from the field, recipes that challenge innovation while keeping the traditional banner high. You can not miss the local wine, the real pride of the Franciacortina table.

The art of Chef Piercarlo Zanotti of the Cucina San Francesco of Cappuccini Resort is daily focused on the proposal of dishes related to the territory and the season. To reinforce the work of the brigade raw materials strictly self-production: from vinegar of over 60 years to the aromatic herbs, fruit and vegetables that is born in the organic garden of the Resort up to the delicious honey. To crown the whole environment extremely elegant, refined and focused on the well-being of the person.

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