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Get married in Franciacorta. The best photo locations


Have you decided to crown your dream of love in Franciacorta? Here is a brief guide to discovering the best locations to capture the most important shots of the new life together!

Wedding in Franciacorta: when a shot is forever

Many noteworthy locations that Franciacorta offers to impress forever the emotion of the seal placed on your heart.

To those who love religious buildings we recommend a photo shoot at the Olivetan Abbey of Saints Nicholas and Paul VI (Via Brescia 83, Rodengo Saiano), the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa (Via Monastero 5, Provaglio d’Iseo), the Convent of the Santissima Annunciata (Via Pianora 8, Coccaglio) or the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella (via Stella 17, Cellatica). The underlying theme of these places is the fascinating panorama, between elegant vineyards and rolling hills.

Wide choice also for fans of historic buildings: we remember the Roman Tower of Coccaglio (via Castello), the Pieve of Sant’Andrea in Iseo (via Pieve 36) and the Castle of Bornato (via Castello 24). Moving into the city, the two symbols of the different souls of historical Brixia: the archaeological area of ​​the Capitolium, a UNESCO world heritage site, and the Brescia Castle.

We conclude with the best locations for photos, citing some wonderful natural sceneries typical of this place. First of all the Torbiere del Sebino, where you can capture your joy with the breathtaking colors of the Franciacorta sunset in the background. Other possible ideas are the beautiful lakeside walks of Iseo, Clusane d’Iseo and Paratico or, being able to move a little, the enchanting pearl of Santa Maria del Giogo, a splendid panoramic ridge located above Iseo with a view of the lake and the surrounding area , Including Franciacorta.

A location, many services: our resort

The alternative? Choose a wedding location that has the magic inherent in every corner. Hence the mantra that has been with us for over 30 years: to shine the beauty of the ancient Franciscan convent, now redeveloped as a 4-star resort and hotel, preserving its authentic charm.

Cappuccini Resort accompanies you throughout your wedding, from the first visit to the resort to the final party in the Conventina, passing through exclusive dishes and the possibility of exchanging the “yes” in the ancient Church of the friars or in the presence of the remains of the tower Roman. To live your dream of love and take photos that testify to the joy of a unique day in a context that … more exciting you can not.

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