April 25th long weekend in Franciacorta. 3 recommended trekking routes - Cappuccini Resort

April 25th long weekend in Franciacorta. 3 recommended trekking routes


Have you decided to spend the long weekend of 25 April 2019 in Franciacorta, to dedicate time to yourself and your family? Good idea! And what is more beautiful than regenerating body and spirit while walking among the wonders of nature? Here are 3 recommended trekking routes!

1) Trekking to Monte Isola, the pearl of Lake Iseo

Monte Isola, the island that rises majestically in the middle of Lake Iseo and has been awarded the title of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, has always been a popular destination for local tourism for day trips. Coming to the fore with Christo’s artistic installation “The Floating Piers” in 2016, Monte Isola is now experiencing a renewed notoriety that has led to a rapid increase in cultural offer focused on landscape and food and wine riches.

For those who like to walk without too much effort, don’t miss the island tour on foot: 9 km of splendid views that you can take in about 3 hours to admire the beauty of the place and relax in one of the bars by the lake. Departure and arrival recommended by Peschiera Maraglio or Carzano. If you are looking for a slightly more challenging route, we recommend the climb to the Sanctuary at the Madonna della Ceriola Sanctuary (for information: http://www.visitmonteisola.it/cosa-fare-lago-iseo-monte-isola/trekking -santuario-of-madonna-of-Ceriola /)

2) Tour of the Monticelli waterfalls

A small naturalistic paradise in the heart of Franciacorta. Let’s talk about the Monticelli waterfalls, another highly sought-after destination for Sunday outings suitable for the whole family, including children. There are two paths: an elevated one, particularly suitable for the little ones, and one that winds through the water courses and requires a little more attention. Both paths will allow you to discover this incredible oasis and savor the magical atmosphere of the place.

The departure for the falls is fixed at the locality of Gaina di Monticelli Brusati, with ample parking facilities.

3) Crossing of Monte Orfano

The crossing of Monte Orfano leads us to discover a highly suggestive area, between uncontaminated areas and eye shots that are lost along some of the most beautiful vineyards of Franciacorta. A hill so dear to us since it is the “home” of our resort and a perfect itinerary for adults and children, lasting about two and a half hours. Check out the details on the official website of the Franciacorta Consortium.