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Dialogue and knowledge in Franciacorta with the 2023 Cultural Renaissance Festival


In this important year for the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, Franciacorta also confirms its role at the forefront of cultural offerings. In fact, the 2023 Cultural Renaissance Festival has kicked off, this year in its tenth edition: find out the details of the initiative and the events not to be missed.

Cultural Renaissance Festival: guests and unmissable events 2023

Over 30 events from February to late autumn in some of the symbolic places of Franciacorta: this year the Cultural Renaissance Festival returns with a richer program than ever, with many confirmed guests and many surprises arriving over the months.

Among the guests not to be missed in this edition we mention Telmo Pievani, philosopher and evolutionist of Bergamo origins with doctoral and post-doctoral experiences in the United States in his curriculum and engaged in dissemination through engaging performances and narratives; Massimo Gramellini, famous journalist, writer and television presenter as well as patron of the very popular “Il Caffè” column in the Corriere della Sera; Umberto Galimberti, professor, philosopher, essayist and journalist for La Repubblica; Massimo Donà, philosopher, profession and musician very active in the jazz field; Patrizia Romito, psychologist and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology of the University of Trieste who has been dealing with violence for years on women, minors and young couples.

Among the subjects covered issues related to the world of nature and the planet ; literary, musical and cinematographic subjects such as the philosophical reading of Moby Dick, the exhibition of Stravinsky’s Sagra di Primavera and the in-depth analysis dedicated to how cinema has made the mafia spectacular; democracy, society and politics; philosophical topics. All with an eye on the contemporary, to re-read current facts in the light of innovative interpretations, and with tools to be able to review one’s own actions and reasoning according to a shared improvement.

Discover the complete calendar of Cultural Renaissance Festival 2023.

The locations of the Cultural Renaissance Festival

As per tradition, the Cultural Renaissance Festival touches various towns in Franciacorta, allowing the public to discover suggestive indoor and outdoor locations among municipal parks, civic halls, auditoriums, theaters , oratories, libraries, parish cinemas.

There will be splendid historic houses, such as Villa Togni formerly Averoldi in Gussago, well protected by the FAI and known for its beautiful French garden, park and frescoes eighteenth-century interior.

How to join meetings

Participation in the meetings of the Cultural Renaissance Festival is free upon reservation.

To reserve your seat, you must book through the Eventbrite platform by clicking on the button “Book now ” under the event of interest, in the calendar shown on the website.

It is not necessary to print a paper copy of the ticket: just show the digital version from your smartphone at the entrance.

Cultural Renaissance Festival, aims and useful links

Founded and organized by the homonymous association, the Cultural Renaissance Festival stands as a reference point in Franciacorta for dissemination and for those who love culture, the territory and are driven by the willingness to grow, renew, acquire knowledge, open up to new horizons.

Annually, the review consists of free meetings open to the public starring illustrious personalities in the world of culture, science and knowledge. Among the speakers of past editions Alessandro Barbero, Alberto Mingardi, Gilberto Corbellini, Umberto Galimberti, Vito Mancuso, Patrizio Roversi, Emanuele Severino, Guido Emilio Tonelli and many others.

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