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Tutto pronto per la nuova Ciclovia della Cultura Bergamo Brescia


After La Via delle Sorelle – the path BS BG, the year of the Italian Capital of Culture 2023 sees the launch of a new opportunity for all fans of cycling, contact with nature, slow outdoor tourism.

In fact, the Ciclovia della Cultura Bergamo Brescia was born, a 75 km route immersed in the scenic, artistic and cultural beauty of the two provinces passing through Lake Iseo and Franciacorta: are you ready to get in the saddle?

Cycling between Bergamo and Brescia for glimpses and opportunities to experience

More than 800 historical and cultural assets, 2 Unesco sites, 3 Regional Parks, 3 Local Parks of Supra-municipal Interest, 1 Nature Reserve.

Much more than just numbers, the heritage of important places crossed by the new Bergamo Brescia Culture Cycleway promises to be among the largest in Italy. A pride that solidifies the relationship between the two cities and provinces, united in this very special year and concretely committed to increasing tourism and sustainable development, for a future that still has much to tell.

And so from the Venetian walls of Upper Bergamo to the archaeological area of historic Brixia both recognized by Unesco to the swarming of castles, monasteries, ancient residences, medieval villages; from precious settlements of industrial archaeology and trades of yesteryear to a very wide range of green areas; from rivers and lakes to historic railways; from intangible capital made up of traditions and rituals to enogastronomic excellence with vineyards, olive groves, and terraces dotting enchanting panoramas such as that of Franciacorta, the entire journey tells the soul of two territories seemingly different yet so similar in vocation, testimonies, and urbanization phenomena.

Bergamo Brescia Culture Cycleway: highlights of interest

Notable points of interest in the province of Brescia not to be missed along the Bergamo Brescia Culture Ciclovia route include:

  • the Archaeological Park of Roman Brescia and the monumental complex of San Salvatore – Santa Giulia, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2011. With the Capitoline Temple towering over the Forum Square and the remains of the Roman Theater, the Archaeological Park is one of the symbols of the city as well as among the most impressive attractions of Via Musei
  • the Abbey of Rodengo Saiano, officially the Olivetan Abbey of Saints Nicholas and Paul VI, a jewel of peace and architecture that boasts works by Moretto, Cossali and Romanino
  • the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa in Provaglio d’Iseo, for a journey of meditation and culture between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, where the Romanesque church, the Oratorio dei Disciplini and a marvelous inner cloister stand out
  • the Natural Reserve of the Sebino Peat Bogs, overlooked by the Monastery, 360 hectares of one of the most important ecological areas in the province of Brescia, which is home to protected species of flora and fauna, including purple heron, marsh harrier, brown kite, bittern
  • the Parco delle Erbe Danzanti (Dancing Herb Park) in Paratico, a former barge docking area that has been completely redeveloped with the grafting of green spaces and flower beds. Note the old freight train tracks, still present in the ground

As for the Bergamo side, not to be missed are the Grumello del Monte Castle, included in the Italian Historic Houses circuit, Villa Suardo in Chiuduno, the Camozzi Vertova Castle in Costa di Mezzate, and finally the Venetian walls of Bergamo that enclose the Upper City.

In addition to the 75 km main route, the Bergamo Brescia Culture Ciclovia includes several cultural loops that lead to numerous additional stops.

For more details visit the official Bergamo Brescia Culture Ciclovia website.

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