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Winter wedding. Many good reasons for a “yes” over the summer


Who said that spring and summer are exclusive frames for the exchange of the fateful “yes”? More and more couples are opting for a winter wedding. Let’s see the reasons together, also based on the feedback received from our fantastic spouses.

All the advantages of a winter wedding

Nice to enjoy the warm rays of the sun, the light clothes, the aperitif in the open air. But if we think back to the scorching temperatures of the past summer, perhaps the idea of ​​a winter wedding no longer seems as extravagant as it used to be. Added to this are many other good reasons that are raising the interest of so many future husbands and wives.

Do you want to put the beauty of a winter sunset and maybe even the charm of snow? Flowers and seasonal decorations that go beyond the traditional spring and summer choices? The pleasure of being at the table with relatives and friends? And again, a rich calendar of dates to choose from given the little competition of the moment?

And then there are the women, who can compete for the title of the winter queen look with coats, overcoats, stoles and short fur coats. Without taking anything away from the bride, of course!

Honeymoon in winter

But let’s go back to our bride and groom and their well-deserved honeymoon. Winter is the ideal time to enjoy a very special honeymoon. From the charm of New York decorated for Christmas to a relaxing week in the Caribbean, from an exciting Safari in South Africa to a cruise in the Maldives, so many experiences to live for the couple who decide for a winter wedding.

Location for winter weddings in Franciacorta

With its location offering ample space overlooking the vineyards of Franciacorta, Cappuccini Resort awaits you for a wonderful winter wedding. Also available to the weds is the beautiful Conventina for the evening party and the ancient cells of the friars, now converted into elegant rooms of our 4-star Hotel.

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