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Wedding reception. How to choose the perfect restaurant


Have you started planning the “yes” day? Here are some suggestions for choosing the perfect restaurant for your wedding reception!

Wedding reception: restaurant capacity

One of the first variables to consider is the capacity of the restaurant. Think based on the number of people you would like to invite, and from there start discarding inadequate spaces. Take into account a percentage of defections that averages around 10-20%.

Ideal location for the season

Have you decided to get married in winter? Then the pool may not be so useful, except for a mere scenographic effect. Do you prefer summer? In this case you might prefer a structure surrounded by greenery where nature offers regenerating shaded spaces.

Whatever the season you choose, make sure the restaurant has everything you need: from a beautiful garden to live in the summer to large internal sizes for lunch and the evening party in the case of winter.

Easy access

Do any relatives find it hard to drive or walk? Is a bus organized by friends expected to arrive? Are there climbs that risk freezing in the winter period? Reflect on all these and other factors: you will avoid that your guests’ arrival at the restaurant turns out to be a climb to the calvary!

Possibility of civil ceremony

QuellSome restaurants are elected “Municipal House”: this means that the official has the authorization to celebrate the ceremony locally and directly register the marriage. However, there are other possibilities: if the location that teases you is not Municipal House you can sign in advance in the Town Hall and then carry out the ritual in the structure (usually the next day).

Celebration is an important moment, and deserves an environment that responds to your dreams: make sure, therefore, that there is a room or an outdoor area suited to your expectations, which serves as a perfect backdrop for the exchange of rings and promises. For a shot that will remain forever engraved in the film of your life!

Space for the evening party

For some couples of future spouses the evening party is one of the fundamental moments of the reception, to be organized with the utmost care. When choosing a restaurant, also consider the type of entertainment you have in mind: jazz music in the background, rock band, dj are solutions with different needs. For example, if you already see yourself unleashed on the dance floor, a lounge with enough space is a must. And maybe sofas for those who prefer to sit and watch or rest from time to time.

Maximum food care

Last but not least, is the quality of the food served. Preferred restaurants that make dishes with fresh, quality and possibly local ingredients. And also make sure that there are proposals for celiacs, allergy sufferers and intolerances.

In your opinion are there other important variables to consider when choosing a wedding restaurant? Share the article on your social media and let us know!