Typical Christmas sweets: 3 delicacies all from Brescia - Cappuccini Resort


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The Christmas atmosphere becomes stronger. Serenity and warmth of the hugs come back on time as every year. As well as the joy of banquet table to mean the time spent in the company of our loved ones. Because you know, there is no Christmas without culinary richness. And here the banquet table distracts us for a moment from the many daily duties to take the place of the words. Those often hard to pronounce, like “I Love You” and” I’m glad you’re here.” This happens with the help of dishes that come directly from the heart. The central role is of desserts, in a whirl of passion and delicacy that lifts the glasses and soothes the most rigid spirits. Dissolves the affections and frees the emotions. But what are the sweets most widespread in our territory? What delicacies can you discover in Franciacorta? Discover it with us!

Typical Christmas cakes in Brescia and in Franciacorta: Rose Cake

Originally from Lake Garda, the rose cake soon spread throughout the Brescia territory for its softness and at the same time for its extremely easy preparation. Flour, sugar, butter, brewer’s yeast, milk, water and a pinch of salt the only ingredients needed according to the traditional recipe. The fundamental passage? The creation of the rich filling, which must be as soft as that of a brioche. A perfect choice for the toast in company.

Brescian Biscuit

A biscuit of the Brescian tradition, also very simple to make and much loved by children. Fragrant and light, for a perfect success the Brescian biscuit requires a double batch. And so the cooking follows a beautiful browning on the surface. Also ideal for soaking in tea or milk.


The Bossolà is the Christmas cake for excellence of Brescia. A soft, fluffy donut with a tasty look. A symbol of good omen and very ancient origins, it requires a rather long process but with a result that will surely repay you from all the efforts. The ingredients already we’ve seen for the rose cake are now added eggs and vanilla, and a preparation that takes three mixes. The bossolà is excellent in combination with white sweet or liqueur wines. The San Francesco restaurant di Cappuccini Resort offers a revisited version of the Bossolà, which we have enriched with English sauce.Book your lunch or dinner now and come and taste the Bossolà and our Christmas menu.