There is a spa on Lake Iseo which is now a point of reference for anyone who wants to relax and relax body, mind and spirit. It is the Elis Beauty Spa of Cappuccini Resort, a renowned resort at the foot of Monte Orfano in Franciacorta. From particularly evocative environments, Beauty Spa Elis gives new life to anyone who chooses to spend some time between revitalizing treatments and moments of relaxation. With a truly exceptional showpiece: the wonderful pool carved into the rock.

Spa Lake Iseo: the rock pool

Cappuccini Resort is the hotel lake Iseo with SPA that most recalls the ancient beauty of a glorious past. A past that lives today through suggestions wisely reconstructed and brought back to its original splendor.
The pool is one of the highlights of the Cappuccini Resort wellness center. From the elegant and irregular course, the heated swimming pool recalls the sweetness and the sumptuousness of the surrounding hills. Each couple finds its own space, each person finds his corner of regeneration. All in an environment of peace and silence, supported by the graceful vaulted ceiling.

Water path with hydro-massage massages

Rediscovering one’s own self, one’s essence, a psychophysical well-being sometimes put aside by stress and daily tasks.
Among the solutions proposed by the Cappuccini Resort wellness center we find the water path with hydro-massage. A winning combination composed of the warmth of the water and the relaxing strength of the massage given by the air to pressure. Very useful to counteract cellulite but also to restart the vascular system.

Wide choice of face and body treatments

Another strength of the Elis Beauty Spa is the great variety of face and body treatments. From mud to pressomassage, from modeling to hot stone: there is really something for all tastes and for all needs. With a single goal: to restore energy and balance.

Spa Lake Iseo: proposals for couples

From Beauty Spa Elis there are many proposals designed for couples. To meet again and to savor the taste of being together in a delicate and romantic environment.
Stay with dinner and steam grotto, relax massage, Finnish sauna, exfoliating with salt from the Dead Sea: the choice is yours! See the complete menu of the Resort Cappuccini SPA. We are waiting for you!