PATH IN THE FAIRYTALES - Cappuccini Resort



Saturday 14 April 2018 at 20.15 Cappuccini Resort is pleased to host the first Creative Workshop.

“Routes in the Tales”

with the extraordinary presence of the authors Evelina Gialloreto and Tiziana Grimaldi.
The classic fairytales, are something more than fantastic stories to be told to children to make them fall asleep!
They are maps consciously handed down from an ancient past, representations of precise human dynamics and they tell us about us as species.
What is the secret that modern and technological individuals have to tell us?
Writing a fairytale is an ancient art.
Simple and precise pieces of advice and suggestion allow everyone to “arouse the deep images from under the ashes” and access the concrete, unique resource received as a gift since our birth.
Learning to write our own fairytale allows each of us to come to the “and they lived happily ever after” which is told in the final.

A free evening, to excite and rediscover ourselves.
Reservations are required.