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Discover Places: Paratico and Its Green Areas


A blend of art, history, culture, and scenic beauty that leaves a lasting impression on the heart and mind. Countless treasures make Franciacorta and Lake Iseo among the fastest-growing tourist destinations in Italy, capturing the attention not only of those living in the Bel Paese but also of many guests from abroad seeking exclusive views and relaxing holidays in nature.

Among the most interesting areas undergoing new enhancement works is Paratico, which, together with Sarnico, forms the southern coast of Lake Iseo, where the water transforms into the Oglio River, creating a unique and highly suggestive setting.

To enhance the heritage of Paratico, two areas of great naturalistic interest have been added: the Parco delle Erbe Danzanti (Dancing Herbs Park) and the Bosco dei Taxodi (Taxodium Forest). Let’s find out more.

Parco delle Erbe Danzanti, a triumph of relaxation and industrial archaeology

Encountering this park is very easy. It is accessed by taking a leisurely lakeside walk until you come across the ancient charcoal kiln and the old train tracks, once used for the lake transport of goods, both magnificent examples of industrial archaeology.

From here, you enter the heart of Parco delle Erbe Danzanti, a freely accessible naturalistic public area characterized by a series of spaces, each with a dominant theme. Thus, from the Garden of Flower Beds with its large raised iron containers holding perennial herbs and ornamental grasses, you move on to the Room of the American Grapevine Pergola and the Refreshment Bar Room to the shore, where spontaneous vegetation grows, and ancient docks have been restored, serving today as a favorite area for bathers to relax. Particularly attractive is the Water Lily Room, consisting of two rectangular water tanks and wooden seats immersed in greenery.

All of this is accompanied by artifacts such as sculptures, gazebos, and the tanks themselves made with earth colors and humble materials including porphyry, Luserna stone, wood, iron, Sarnico stones, and Cor-Ten.

The result? A place that takes us back in time and at the same time aims to emphasize the beauty of the lake and botanical prosperity, in a low-maintenance project where nature becomes the protagonist, unfolding in wonderful seasonal blooms.

For all the details, visit the website of Cristina Mazzucchelli, a green design expert who was responsible for the redevelopment of the area and the creation of the park.

The Charm of the Bosco dei Taxodi

Let’s go back there, exactly where Lake Iseo becomes the Oglio River… and behold the Bosco dei Taxodi!

It is an extraordinary natural oasis of over 20,000 square meters, which, through elevated wooden walkways, allows you to admire an ecosystem of rare beauty, including the Taxodi, aquatic plants native to North America, and various bird species such as the grey heron.

The Bosco dei Taxodi is easily reached on foot by leaving your car near the ancient station of Paratico.

To find out the opening days and hours of the park, check the dedicated page on the Visit Lake Iseo website.

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