Does Franciacorta fascinate you? Do you dream of living a fabulous holiday immersed in the hills, inebriated by the scent of wine and the excellent local flavors? Are you ready to discover this magical territory and let yourself be enveloped by the vineyards and the breeze of Lake Iseo ? For you some tips on where to find the best hotels in Franciacorta , surrounded by incredible views in a regenerating and restorative landscape. And the holiday turns into reality!

Hotel Franciacorta:Iseo

We begin our journey from the capital of the lake, the country that gives its name to the whole basin: Iseo. For those who want to have the nightlife at hand without having to resort to the car, Iseo is one of the ideal choices. With its charming old town and beautiful military and religious architecture, including the Castle of the Oldofredi and the Parish Church of S. Andrea, the picturesque town offers incredible observation points on the lake and the area of ​​the peat bogs. It is also enlivened by important cultural and food and wine events, such as the Lakes Festival held every year in early June.
Staying in a hotel in Iseo means opening the windows and admiring the expanse of water, going out and taking a walk along the lakeside promenade, taking the boat to Monte Isola , getting on the Brescia – Iseo – Edolo railway line and heading in Brescia or in the upper Valle Camonica. It means all this, and much more. Iseo, a country, many possibilities to relax body and mind.

Staying in Franciacorta: Passirano

In another splendid corner of Franciacorta, together with its hamlets Camignone and Monterotondo, Passirano offers truly stunning shots of hills, rows, cycle paths, lush nature. The Castle of Passirano, dating back to the 10th century and built to shelter the local population in case of enemy attacks, is of great historical importance.

Hotel in Franciacorta: Monte Orfano

We conclude our journey with the area of ​​Monte Orfano, an enchanting promontory that rises in the south-west of Franciacorta, between the towns of Erbusco, Rovato, Cologne and Coccaglio. Until the Middle Ages, the center of religious, rural and commercial activities, Monte Orfano is also famous for the Convent of the SS. Annunziata of the friar Servants of Mary, which still today boasts the original structure of 1449. The Annunciation of the Romanino, within the Church, is of exceptional importance. And it is precisely on Monte Orfano that Cappuccini Resort is located. A place suspended in time from which to admire the vineyards of Franciacorta and the surrounding plains, allowing moments of relaxation and rediscovery of themselves. The ​Hotel de Charme stands out for its attention to every detail and to its welcoming and intimate atmosphere.