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Meeting rooms with Hotel de Charme. The Cappuccini proposal


At Cappuccini Resort every business meeting turns into an exciting moment, in a memory to be told. No boredom, no sense of duty: because the best deals are those that arise in a climate of harmony. With the background of genuine tastes and an exquisite welcome.

Cappuccini Resort. A magical place suspended in time

A magical place suspended in time. A place where every corner conveys the authentic flavor of over six centuries ago, today returned to new beauty and redeveloped to luxury hotel and restaurant.

Its incredible position among the most beautiful hills of Franciacorta and the high culinary offer make Cappuccini Resort one of the most renowned restaurants in the province of Brescia. A paradise where every detail is taken care of in detail and where the guest is welcomed to live an unforgettable experience. Also on important business occasions.

In Franciacorta between business and moments of relaxation

Our structure has rooms for meetings, conferences, business meetings. Environments of different sizes, from large rooms to more intimate solutions, which lend themselves to every need: confidential negotiations, company parties, meetings with renowned guests. And with proposals suitable for every season.

If in winter you can give yourself and your team an opportunity to relax in our Beauty Spa Elis, spring will be the perfect time to relax with a poolside solarium or a walk through the centuries-old wood with amazing views of the vineyards. Yes, those very rows from which comes the Franciacorta DOCG wine famous all over the world, which will be served at the table along with the best qualities of French Champagne.

A night of luxury at the Hotel de Charme

The Resort’s Hotel de Charme boasts 14 elegant rooms, ideal for rediscovering one’s intimacy and the energy needed to better meet the work commitments. The suites have a whirlpool bath, fireplace and wi-fi internet connection.

Cappuccini Resort, where work becomes an opportunity to grow the group spirit. And the business. Book your stay now!