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Days of castles, palaces and medieval villages: ideas for a trip out of town


A step back in time to discover the extraordinary historical sites that dot the Brescia and Bergamo plains. The initiative entitled “Days of medieval castles, palaces and villages” has restarted, which will keep us company until June 2023 and then again from September to December 2023, allowing the public to get to know the historical-artistic beauties of a territory that never ceases to surprise.

In this article all the details of the offer and the next opening dates.

Days of castles, palaces and medieval villages 2023: details and upcoming openings

The Days of Castles, Palaces and Medieval Villages is a review that grows from year to year: for 2023, the locations in the plain between Bergamo, Brescia, Cremona and Milan will rise to over 20, which can be accessed together with tourist guides qualified and against the background of many events organized at the same time.

These are extraordinary points of interest, usually not very usable or not open to the public, which for the occasion open their doors wide allowing visitors to catapult themselves into their millenary history, symbol of a prosperous past when our plain represented the border between Duchy of Milan and the Republic of Venice, reason which triggered the birth of numerous fortifications and important architectural, historical and artistic bequests.

The Days of medieval castles, palaces and villages therefore represent an opportunity not to be missed for those who want to go back to the roots of their present, but also simply let themselves be enchanted by the medieval charm that helps make our provinces even more attractive.

The initiative is held every first Sunday of the month, from March to June and from September to December, with the addition of the holidays of April 25, May 1 and June 2. A rich calendar that gives the opportunity to visit all those interested, from families with children to couples, from groups of friends to groups: because the heritage belongs to everyone!

Days of castles, palaces and medieval villages 2023: complete list of participating realities

Below is the complete list of places open in 2023:

  • Palazzo dei Della Volta – fraz. Acqualunga di Borgo San Giacomo (Bs)
  • Castello di Padernello – fraz. di Borgo San Giacomo (Bs)
  • Palazzo Visconti – Brignano Gera D’Adda (Bg)
  • Il Paese dei Muri Dipinti – Calcio (Bg)
  • Castello Silvestri – Calcio (Bg)
  • Castello di Cavernago (Bg)
  • Castello di Malpaga – fraz. di Cavernago (Bg)
  • Borgo Medievale di Cologno Al Serio (Bg)
  • Borgo Storico di Covo (Bg)
  • Centro Storico di Crema (Cr)
  • Palazzo Zurla De Poli – Crema (Cr)
  • Borgo Storico di Martinengo (Bg)
  • Borgo Storico di Orzivecchi (Bs)
  • Castello Visconteo – Pagazzano (Bg)
  • Castello Visconteo – Pandino (Cr)
  • Castello Barbo’ – Pumenengo (Bg)
  • Borgo Storico di Rivolta D’Adda (Cr)
  • Borgo Storico – Romano di Lombardia (Bg)
  • Castello Colleoni – Solza (Bg)
  • Palazzo Botti – Torre Pallavicina (Bg)
  • Museo Storico Verticale – Treviglio (Bg)
  • Castello di Trezzo Sull’Adda (Mi)
  • Rocca Albani e Borgo  – Urgnano (Bg)

A concentrate of priceless riches, of which our territories are proudly proud: what will be the protagonist of your next trip out of town?

Informazioni e prenotazioni

Reservations are required to visit most of the sites. Guided tours are paid, with reduced tickets or free for children.

The public can freely choose which and how many sites to access based on the opening hours of each location.

For all the information date by date, consult the “events” section of the official website of the Pianura da Scopere association.