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Day SPA for an unforgettable couples’ relaxation break

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As the summer heat begins to give way to the typical autumnal weather, the desire for a relaxing retreat becomes evident for two lovers seeking refuge in a magical couple-friendly place: a spa that knows how to welcome them, pamper them, and rejuvenate them.

The Beauty SPA Elis at Cappuccini Resort (Cologne, Brescia) brings traditional wellness center services to a unique environment for elegance and comfort. Here, the warm and enveloping waters of the calidarium are illuminated by the sun’s rays that penetrate through the suggestive vaulted ceiling, and the marvelous pool carved into the rock follows the sinuous curves of the hills that surround us. A magnificent ensemble with the elements of nature – air, earth, water – from which everything originates.

Beauty SPA Elis for an immersion of pleasure

From hydrotherapy paths to the Finnish sauna, from the silence embracing the pool to the steam cave, to massages, treatments, and beauty & aesthetic services, the offerings from Beauty SPA Elis are designed by Angela and her staff to meet various needs.

Our SPA is indeed the reference point not only for those who wish to indulge in moments of sweetness and serenity in maximum intimacy but also for those who want to seize the opportunity to entrust themselves to the skillful hands of true professionals in recovering their potential and energy, and above all, self-esteem.

How? Through a pleasure-filled immersion guaranteed by a wide range of massages, ranging from the most traditional to refined and specific solutions, and facial, body, and aesthetic treatments without sacrificing cosmetics and depilation.

And then, thanks to exclusive Day SPA packages ranging from 2 to 4 and a half hours, with the option of an Elis dish with a flute of bubbles and à la carte menu.

Please note that SPA access is bookable for exclusive use.

Day SPA in Franciacorta: the most loved wellness packages for couples

Among the most loved Day SPA packages for couples at the Cappuccini Resort wellness center, we find:

  • Franciacorta”: includes a pool, winetherapy, red vine tea, duration 2 hours
  • Amarsi”: cave, exfoliation, body mud, air massage, duration 2 and a half hours
  • Rigenerarsi”: cave, pool, exfoliation, facial treatment, Elis massage, duration 4 and a half hours
  • Pensandovi insieme”: cave, pool, scrub, couple’s massage, duration 3 and a half hours.

Also highly requested are the “Leggerezza” (for her) and “Distensione” (for him) proposals, ideal for rejuvenating the mind and body with a water path with hydrojets, a steam cave, and specific massages.

Want to explore the offerings of our wellness center? Discover the complete SPA menu.

Wake up among the vineyards of Franciacorta: 4-star hotel with suites

Inside the elegant spaces of Cappuccini Resort is the 4-star Hotel de Charme, which with its 14 rooms, including 4 suites, is the preferred choice for those who want to crown a day in the SPA with an overnight stay curated in every detail.

The rooms, set up following significant redevelopment interventions starting from the ancient cells of the friars, preserving their original atmosphere, are all equipped with a fireplace and essential comforts, to which the suites add a whirlpool tub.

We also want to highlight that through the e-commerce section “La Grotta della Bontà,” you can independently purchase packages inclusive of wellness and stay experiences, either for yourself or as a gift idea. All proposals include dinner, overnight stay, and breakfast.

For any inquiries, please contact us.