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Change your life with pilates!

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The lesser known benefits of pilates

There are many benefits of pilates in the life of each of us. Among the most universally known, the increase in column flexibility and muscle tone, strengthening of the organism and internal balance, improvement of posture, development of concentration, ability to relieve stress.

Now we come to all those benefits of pilates that we hardly hear about.

Pilates in pregnancy

Pilates is a valuable aid for pregnant women. First of all on a psychological level: with pilates you acquire a greater awareness of your body, and this instills well-being and calms anxieties. The usefulness of pilates is also reflected on the physical side, with improved posture and muscle efficiency, circulation activation and reduction of back pain problems.

Very important, even more so when expecting a child, is to always refer to the teacher’s instructions and never try to do more than necessary.

Pilates post trauma

Pilates Rehab is that specific branch of pilates that deals with post-traumatic recovery, after an illness, an injury or an accident. Post-rehabilitative pilates is in fact an excellent solution to strengthen muscles, rebalance posture, improve motor activity and regain full control of one’s movements. The exercises are to be intended alongside the physiotherapy sessions recommended by the specialist.

Pilates for sexual activity

With targeted pilates exercises it is possible to regain pelvic tone, especially in the case of post-pregnancy women. But more generally we know that pilates facilitates concentration and relaxation, essential conditions for practicing sex. For men, on the other hand, the increase in tone and psychophysical well-being favors the maintenance of an erection.

Pilates for men

As much as we tend to consider pilates a female discipline, all the benefits seen so far undoubtedly also affect the male sphere. Strengthening and muscle tone, greater flexibility of the spine and joints, postural correction, release of tension, strengthening of self-esteem: it will be easy to understand how pilates is actually perfect also for men, sportsmen and non.Change your life with pilates: book your first lesson now!

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