Unmissable attractions on Lake Iseo

Unmissable attractions on Lake Iseo


Come to the fore in 2016 with the installation “The Floating Piers” by the artist Christo, Lake Iseo is a natural jewel set among the green of the mountains and unique beauties. We speak, for example, of Monte Isola, the largest lake island in Europe, but also of the Torbiere del Sebino Nature Reserve, a protected area that hosts very special species of avifauna, ichthyofauna and mammal fauna.

We have prepared a short guide that illustrates some unmissable attractions on Lake Iseo, still unknown to many. Let’s go!

Wood of the gnomes

Did you know that there is a path overlooking Lake Iseo populated by dozens of … gnomes? It is the famous wood of gnomes, along the trail that leads from Zone to Monte Guglielmo, created by a recently deceased local artist, the “Rosso di Zone”. An enchanted forest where goblins and other mythological figures come to life from the trunks, accompanying and cheering the passage of the customer. An attraction that fascinates children and adults.

Pyramids of Zone

We remain in this area to lead you to the discovery of the Pyramids of Zone, a spectacle of nature to say the least unique. The imposing pyramids that we see today are the result of a process of erosion that led to the creation of these earth pinnacles surmounted by boulders almost unique in their kind. The Regional Reserve of the Pyramids of Zone was established in 1984.

The site can be visited free of charge and can be reached after a beautiful walk in the forest with a panoramic view of the lake.

On the footprints of Romanino and Moretto

The Iseo Lake hosts incredible artistic legacies of famous painters such as Romanino and Moretto. Important personalities with their works have contributed to the artistic glory of this land.

Alessandro Bonvicino known as il Moretto (Rovato, around 1498 – 1564) still shines today in the Basilica of Santa Maria in Valvendra in Lovere with the masterpiece dedicated to Saints Faustino and Giovita, patron saints of the city of Brescia.

We end our article with the other great artist who made our province great, Girolamo Romani, known as Romanino (Brescia, around 1484 – around 1566). Among his most visited works in the area of ​​Lake Iseo we find the frescoes of the Church of Santa Maria della Neve of Pisogne, many of which are compared to the beauty of Michelangelo’s work in the Sistine Chapel, the two wall paintings of the Church of San Pietro in Tavernola Bergamasca and the large fresco of the Annunciation of the Convento della SS. Announced on Monte Orfano.

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