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Today we will take you to the discovery of the 5 most beautiful churches in Franciacorta. Places rich in artistic masterpieces and located in breathtaking areas. Ready? Go!

St. Nicola Abbey (Rodengo Saiano)

Let’s start with the Olivetan Abbey of San Nicola  in Rodengo Saiano, a true masterpiece of architecture and religiosity. Founded in 1050 by the Cluniac monks, the central hub of the complex is the Church of San Nicola, with its elegant portal and a work by Moretto, one of the greatest pictorial masters of the Brescian Renaissance. The three splendid cloisters and the antirefector are of great importance. A structure to be discovered with important artistic legacies of Romanino, Lattanzio Gambara and Pietro Marone.
To reach the Abbey of San Nicola: Via Brescia, 25050 Rodengo Saiano (Brescia)

Convent of the Annunciata (Coccaglio)

Located on the slopes of Monte Orfano, outside the convent offers an incredible glance on the vineyards of Franciacorta. For many years a destination for important pilgrimages, it holds important works of art including the Romanino’s Annunciation.
To reach the Convent of the Annunciata: Via Pianora 8, 25030 Coccaglio (Brescia)

Monastery of St. Peter in Lamosa (Provaglio d’Iseo)

Between the sweetness of the mountain and the beauty of the Torbiere Nature Reserve there is the Monastery of S. Pietro in Lamosa. Today returned to tourism and religiosity after more than 20 years of restoration, the complex is home to the wonderful Romanesque Church, the charming cloister and a series of local venues for exhibitions and musical events. The monastery adheres to the European Network of Cluniac Sites.
To reach the Monastery of S. Pietro in Lamosa: Via Monastero 5, 25050 Provaglio d’Iseo (Brescia).

Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella (Cellatica)

In a privileged position on the hill Selva, about 400 meters and surrounded by nature and peace, the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella allows you to admire a delightful view of the surrounding hills and the city of Brescia. Inside the building magnificent works of art including the Madonna with child of Romanino.
To reach the Sanctuary of the Madonna della Stella: Via Stella 27, 25060 Cellatica (Brescia).
We recommend leaving the car about 1 km away and continue on foot.

Pieve of Sant’Andrea (Iseo)

In the historic center of Iseo, the Parish Church of Sant’Andrea stands out for its characteristic bell tower, built in the middle of the façade of a pre-existing church. Inside, you can not miss the Crucifixion of Sant’Andreaand the Preaching of Sant’Andrea, both by Francesco Inganni, and the Archangel Michele by Francesco Hayez.
To reach the Pieve Church of Sant’Andrea: Via della Cerca 11, 25049 Iseo (Brescia).

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