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a place where time has stopped


The Cappuccini Resort is a charming place to relax located on the southern slopes of Monte Orfano, an excellent position to admire the renowned vineyards of Franciacorta, but also the plain that stands out on the Brescia countryside. Described as "a poem written in stone", the convent is the keeper of an extraordinary story of an ancient dwelling that, after years of neglect, has resumed its living in harmony with the precious territory that surrounds it.  Since 1569, the year of its construction, the Franciscan monastery has hosted religious and illustrious thinkers, becoming a contemplative place aimed at direct production of the earth. However, following the laws of suppression of orders and religious institutes issued by the Kingdom of Italy in the nineteenth century, the friars found themselves forced to abandon this residence and the same was expropriated and sold to noble families of Brescia.  The Tonelli Pelizzari family bought it in ruins in 1987 from the heirs of Count Maggi. For about 60 years it remained unused, thus determining a gradual breakup. Today, thanks to the scrupulous restoration of the pre-existing sixteenth century rooms done by the Tonelli Pelizzari , you can find at the Cappuccini Resort the same old charm in the various architectural elements left unaddressed: the halls, the corridors, the cloister, the courtyards, the well, the caves, the fireplaces ...  Everything shows the magical atmosphere of time that seems to have stopped at its sweetest expression: from natural flanders to the terracotta floors, from the woods of the furnishings to the stone of the fireplace, up to the romantic and relaxing mood. The park is particularly suitable for receptions, the path that leads to the remains of a Roman tower is suitable for romantic walks through vineyards and olive trees.

Hotel de charme

Cappuccini Resort offers quality services tailored to the guest and, here hospitality is the main keyword. In fact, hospitality is not just a culture, but a real vocation! The well-kept details of the rooms make it an intimate refuge able to regenerate body and soul, a unique place for those who still believe in the possibility of enjoying the land and its traditions.