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Would you like to organize a romantic dinner in Franciacorta to amaze your partner with unexpected surprises? Here are some suggestions.

Romantic dinner in Franciacorta: intimate room with fireplace

What could be more romantic than a candlelit dinner in a reserved and elegant setting? The intimate atmosphere is the perfect outline for a tête-à-têt made of love and understanding, of two souls entering into communion and dreaming of living another 10, 100, 1000 moments like these. And for a real touch of class, we suggest combining the refinement of the location and high quality cuisine: healthy ingredients, genuine, refined dishes and at the same time simple with impeccable and discreet service are the basis for the success of your romantic dinner. Will your romantic dinner be marked by a memorable event like the marriage proposal? Compared to the restaurant staff: such an important circumstance deserves all the necessary attention.

Custom music in diffusion

Proposal of marriage, but also anniversary and birthday of the partner: accompany this occasion with the right music, with the song that marked the birth of your love or particularly happy moments. Amaze the partner by making your notes echo in the room, those that touch the heart, that make the eyes shine, that ignite the desire to love each other and love each other. Forever.

Aperitif and massage in SPA

The surprise begins even before a high class dinner! Accordati with the structure for an aperitif in the SPA, an exclusive cocktail for a toast to your couple wrapped in warm and regenerating waters. All directly at the edge of the heated swimming pool, between the embrace of the steam and an intimate tranquility. To complete the situation, book a personalized couple's massage: expert hands will lead you towards total regeneration of mind and body, ready to face the romantic dinner in Franciacorta.

Night in a beautiful hotel

Have you always dreamed of sleeping in Franciacorta and admiring the most beautiful hills in the area from the window? Amazement is easy and simple: just choose the right hotel, with carefully designed rooms and details that make the difference, such as whirlpool, fireplace, enchanting view. Resort Cappuccini, on the slopes of Monte Orfano, surrounded by wonderful vineyards and rolling hills, is the ideal solution for your romantic dinner in Franciacorta. Quality restaurant, a sumptuous hotel, an incredible and welcoming SPA are the perfect mix for your dream of love. Contact us for any information.